duminică, 1 iunie 2014

on bucsinescu street people are dying

Translation and proofreading of Oana Nechita
Author : Dorina Neculce the poetry writer

 on bucsinescu street people are dying

on  bucsinescu street lights are turning off
the denizens pulled the shutters and chained themselves
behind the houses only hot ashes and darkness
an inextinguishable darkness
our predecessors are dying
the shutters are thinking they struggle
in the night as some wounded birds
only carnivorous flowers remained at the windows
holes in the air between life and day is a dirty crossing
transcendental ghosts are waiting the tongue-tied  tram
with the empty jowl with flowers of datura on the head
are shimmering as if are strangled headlight
the man is thirsty
is today a disgusting carnivour the teeth are choking 
the fibring juicy meat is startling
gleams of stone are dripping
I stray with my hands in cross
through the empty room I float
known things a push-up bra
the golden purse a shadow on your face the sweet scarf found again in your memory
the counterfeit words
words without clemency
it’s getting dark
I am telling you on…..bucsinescu street people are dying

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