Neba M16 -GDLA Minor Neculce din Nebula Eagle

Nebula constellation bearing the name of Dorina Neculce and Adelina, Lawrence and George
Dedicated with affection and friendship of Neculce Dorina and her family: Adelina, Lawrence and George

Observation and Astrometry data
Constellation:    Serpens
Right ascension:     18h18m48.00s
Declination:       -13°47'00.0"
Apparent magnitude:       6.4
M 16  -G.DLA   NEC Nebuloasa Neculce
Catalogs and designations:

Proper Names       Eagle Nebula
Messier                  M 16
M 16  -GDLA   NEC

Catalogs and designations from VizieR requested by coordinates only. It does not guarantee the object listed in the catalogs is the one you are looking for.
META                     18 18 48.0-13 47 00
NOMAD1               0762-0490343
I/324                       274.700256-13.7840290.2990.2990.00.00.0null
2MASS                   274.700254-13.784029
II/293                      G016.9740+00.8039
II/316                      J181848.06-134702.5
V/135A                   31
Final                        274.7000-13.7833
NGC 2000.0          NGC 6611
IX/43                       J181848.1-134658
B/cfht                      18 18 48.0-13 47 00
ESO                        18 18 48.03-13 47 01.3
J/ApJS/209/28       Eagle
J/A+A/462/245      19027 M 16-A
J/A+AS/109/375    NGC 6611 M 16-L
J/A+AS/146/251    NGC 6611 M 16-D
J/MNRAS/335/233      NGC6611 M 16-G

Images with Small Nebula M16-GDLA NECULCE MINOR  from Constellation Serpent, Eagle Nebula 
  Nebula Panoramic Images include: top right 2 pictures, and from bottom left and 1 image.


Imagini cu Nebuloasa Mică  MINOR NECULCE M16-GDLA din Constelaţia Şarpelui Nebulaoasa Vultur

 Imaginile  cuprind  panoramic Nebuloasa : din dreapta  sus 2 ,imagini şi din stânga jos 1 imagine.

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