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 Dorina Neculce-Ciocan has become:. Corresponding Member (invited) at the Writers Union  from USA, on May 27, 2014.The National Writers Union of U.S.
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The NWU maintains a national office in New York City.
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New York, NY 10018
Phone: 212-254-0279
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Is his right ,by show recognition of  his the opera and show his work.Merit identification card (Member of the NWU) is the identification card and a diploma, and is given to new members as an incentive to pride, reward and recognition of the merits. And for many writers, is a recognition of the years of humiliation, obstruction and rejection of the their work. 

  • Dorina Neculce: - Born June 13, 1964 

    • Neculce village in the county of Botosani
    • Dorina Neculce ,  is a member of Cultural Society  of Junimea 90 - Iasi in 2010.

    • She is a member of the Academy free, Păstorel, - Iasi from 2013

    • former member of of the Board of Administration of the Association of "The Unives Friendship " from Iaşi.

    • was coordinator at literary club, the same cultural associations between 2010 -2012.

    • And now is teacher in primary at  school, "Ioanid Romanescu",Româneşti .from Iaşi County.

    • At present is a aspirant member  (correspondent) of the Royal Society of Canada (Royal Academy of Canada).

    • And corresponding member invited of American Writers Union NWU

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