joi, 18 februarie 2016

urban nostalgias

Felicia is surrounded by
waters troubled
her hands
smooth shadows
withered the bones
leans more
by adding booty
for fishermen always
with mouths
open with
eyes ardently
with easy steps misshapen
we slip and we hurried
,,to we know not whither,,
felicia stretch sorrow
the ropes Huge
hearts bloody
they wilt mildewy
the face city with
your shoulders of salt

duminică, 14 februarie 2016


my lonely sky

my shoulders cold
thousands of stars

The poem of the night

under the rain’s shadow
the sand is looking for another
shelter and I glow
again the same lamp
from an end of body
forgotten by the butterflies I fall asleep
children of bat I blow
in their wings : go to sleep!!!! go to sleep!!!
calming their fear I
cradle and I cradle how beautiful I am
I look like your hands
stranger I even tell you I am
mother I remember because
my daughter is lighting lampions for me to
glow and I glitter in thousand of rainbows my eyes
have drowned deep
for me another sky had opened
and here
the darkness is barking me from
behind the blue shadows
I am light I tell them making
a gesture like this
with darned arms
I am the light blown out
from another sky
towards a different
but the horsemen were coming back
they were slapping her they were throwing
high words about a
a supposed death of
fearless tribune and they were saying
with hungry lips with riven mouths:
we only Us we’ll stay
to watch
how the sky is casting you away

Hunter of shadow

Alone in a world of words
I'll separe the waves
From the front of the house
i'll built from me eye
the sand women's shoulder
and built steps.
to another sky

I am a shadow's hunter
withought monocle
or a silver scepter
in snake shape.
.Dear Death if you read this
never step back
through my wet trembling sights
neither my forgot toungue
never don't put balsam on it
as the venin of a frozen down day of it.
Never neither don't put the bell
Of a Cathedral of cross-words song.

Leave me fresh as i was
and again
Me mind Eye
trough the lips of another sky
in a plumb city sight
I will reborn as an eagle shape
Of my lonely sky