duminică, 14 februarie 2016

The poem of the night

under the rain’s shadow
the sand is looking for another
shelter and I glow
again the same lamp
from an end of body
forgotten by the butterflies I fall asleep
children of bat I blow
in their wings : go to sleep!!!! go to sleep!!!
calming their fear I
cradle and I cradle how beautiful I am
I look like your hands
stranger I even tell you I am
mother I remember because
my daughter is lighting lampions for me to
glow and I glitter in thousand of rainbows my eyes
have drowned deep
for me another sky had opened
and here
the darkness is barking me from
behind the blue shadows
I am light I tell them making
a gesture like this
with darned arms
I am the light blown out
from another sky
towards a different
but the horsemen were coming back
they were slapping her they were throwing
high words about a
a supposed death of
fearless tribune and they were saying
with hungry lips with riven mouths:
we only Us we’ll stay
to watch
how the sky is casting you away

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