miercuri, 27 aprilie 2016

I never have needs

I never need air
I keep it as a whim
in the pocket as a heart
of iron that is struggling.

Nu am nevoie

N-am nevoie de aer
L-am păstrat ca un moft
în buzunar ca o inimă
din fier, care se luptă

I say

this taking all the critics upon me
We breaking the chain around the night’s neck
and I bow
a lot shadow
over the same huge screen
I hold
in hand 
all my shadows
and I dancing
on a life of glass
then I sing arpeggios
the crickets are humming
far I tell them about the old beacon
stabbed in the body of the sea
how was dipping
the hands in ink
covering me
the sky
who was bleeding sharpening
leaving some weird marks
over other marks
a sort of ungainly scars
like some caterpillars suddenly fatten
over a very high wall

beyond shadow

I can’t explain them now
even if they watch me
behind the fence
I can’t cover today the void
from which are rising
with split mouths
like a childrens and I staying like a heart open
with twitching ankles
ready to run
in her dark braid
of sodden night-
with eye upon me
hold breath with
clenched fingers
so I don’t feel her
but I felt her niche
I felt her as a dagger
stabbed deep in the ribs
as a curled snake
which was watering avidly
from my arms
beyond shadow

’don’t forget me!

she was saying
’don’t forget me!
what can be sadder
than a forgotten man
a whole life
beyond the shadow
’crucified on a fence?’’