duminică, 1 iunie 2014

between worlds

Translation and proofreading of Oana Nechita
Author : Dorina Neculce the poetry writer

 a bitter bird cleft on my cheek
I watch it placing
as close as I can the corner of my eye
as a convicted to death who would
ask the right to one last reckless wish
at the harsh end of the pain
somebody always dies and
someone very dirty
is calling me asking me an 
unjustified question       
in That moment 
I wake up just 
to notice that I rose
from a deep ray  phantasmagorial exploding
through weaving  herbs  birds are crossing me
getting into my veins are searching for a place resting their wings
when on a shoulder when on the other one
they swing me between the two worlds
-transfigured calling- of a stellar griffin 
the triple howling shakes the clay body of the woman
recompose her from syllables and I don’t stop
marveling and moving
at random from one shore to another
from one deck to……the other
not becoming any better

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