luni, 24 iulie 2017


Eve promises (of the volume,, World Mirror)
Motto: "My poor blue heart,
When you think rid of old torment,
A tear comes back and you press
with forehead in destiny. "
I would break the wing in you,
To sleep in the rubble on, profane
And I'd tie me with your wing
Still live on fresh clay, untouched,
even a year ...
I gaze off singing,
In your eyes ignited by pathless,
And I'd wake up forever love
On your dying bed ...
I'd put the letter obsolete at bedside
And I'd look down, flirtatious
As his first shadow
I break during the difficult moments,
And I look for a moment strayed among them,
What was gone, and will be
only yours.
Fangs seeking their flesh (Colți care își caută trup)
In time
open some windows
pilgrim over
white blooming apricot tree
ivory stick into my skull cracked
body seeks its violent elephants
ah violent
stars sprout
a long forgotten savanna
ruby eyes and body man
azure strewn in my veins
braided with strands of frayed horizon
snapping the welfare larvae shine
fingers cleştar
sharp fangs thrusts of my mouth
who still seek for body
in a stellar graveyard
Give life (Dau viaţă)
Bite of the apple hypocrisy
a world turned ticking
adam's spear
hollows wood
give life to the dead!
taking this body
looked at the edges fate
as witness
between me and
I-my master
Hypnotic wave 2 (Hipnotic val 2)
What do you want?
To take
Piles of infinity
To bury in zenith?
! Hell
Hear something?
Someone calls you in the middle of the night? ...
It's only mirror of the life
From your life,
calls you to tie
And now, in powder
In smoke
To fall,
And then the ashes asleep
To gather
Syllables found dead (Găsesc silabe moarte)
During throw my back
unforgiven guilt
and tighten my eye from ashes
smoked his lens ...
my light reign in tavern
I smooth and horizon
with the eternal hand
word humbles himself
It is caterpillar
and heart flashes,
closes in niche ...
do not look me!
because time dress coat
the eternal beggar
smutty extends his hand toward you,
he believe mortal ...
I shout-he's my condor far
came to swallow the abyss,
to erase from my words
who died in me,
but they were born in the book!
with the finger on lips
I stay crucified in one verse,
You kissed me on the head
and you kidnapped me from the universe ...
I still fly through galaxies in the distance,
collect bits of love,
Lost in despair ...
and I turn in the rose,
with forehead mystery,
my thoughts soar toward the sun,
what transcends beyond the sky ...
by goals, meet syllables death
blast them into wings, I wake up,
Sidereal on your forehead,
and stick them painstaking ...
looking mirror immortality
I relate it in waters,
I can speak your name
in thousands of whispers ...
The poem reconciliation with Heaven (Poemul împăcărilor cu Cerul)
I write on a tear from heaven: Love,!
Even voice today is much louder,
But again, the rain comes in thoughts
And drowning in the depths my flight.
I write on a wing star: Forgiveness!
Ant I want to touch your forehead,
But your star slips into the sea,
And I tired to call you.
I write on white paper, old
Messages burned, full of thrill,
But the wind blowing in my letters,
And hide under the shadow of a cloud.

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