sâmbătă, 9 iulie 2016

Hypnotic wave (Hypnotic val)

Stop, stranger
In the final point
And play your unreal
The real
Your last prom!

Do not try to understand and
To untie
What bound
With mad strings
Dozens,,,, lose up.

What use to transform yourself
And now, in powder
in smoke
To fall,
To burn,
Then sleeping ashes
To gather
From broken wires
To recompose you ..

What do you want?
To take
Piles of infinity
To bury in the Zenith?

! Hell
Hear something?
Someone calls you in the middle of the night? ...
It's just the mirror lives
From your life,
Call you to tie
Or a untie
Like a garment torn
To borrow,
A cut in the hand
The hurt ...

(Hypnotic wave
What I sink,
And in the depths white
Penetrate me)...

multumesc, Cristian Alina, pentru traducere! <3

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